You care about making your city a better place, but how do you share that vision with others? How do you rally your neighbors to join a cause like removing parking minimums or changing zoning laws?

In this session, you’ll hear from two Strong Towns experts who have been leading effective local messaging efforts for several years, Lauren Ronnander and Ben Abramson. They are joined by guest speaker Grant Hamilton, a marketing and communications expert who has used these skills not only professionally, but also after his own experience being hit by a car. Through social media, contact with the press and other forms of messaging, Hamilton turned that tragedy into a moment of activism to push for safer streets. (Check out our related Crash Analysis Studio session to learn more.)

Join this tour stop to learn about everything from writing letters to the editor to getting the word out about local events to building a following around important issues. 

The course is worth 1 continuing education credit through the AICP.

Portrait of Lauren Ronnander
Lauren Ronnander

Portrait of Ben Abramson
Ben Abramson

Portrait of Grant Hamilton
Grant Hamilton

Hop aboard this 2023 Local-Motive session!

“Heartfelt thanks to all of the presenters as each of them had valuable information and insights to share!”

“Examples shown are very helpful.”

“A particularly strong session.”

“Grant, Ben, and Lauren were all fantastic!”

This session is part of our 2023 Local-Motive Tour, which features 10 action-oriented, short-form classes on subjects ranging from strengthening local businesses to creating better public engagement processes.

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